Sunday, January 1, 2012

Telestrations- Answers.

A few days ago I posted some of my dad's super artistic drawings from my new favorite game Telestrations. A couple of you took the time to let me know your guesses and I laughed. I was also amazed at some of them that you guessed correctly.

Here are the drawings again along with what my dad was supposed to be drawing...

1. Cat House

2. Baby Teeth

3. Tennis Elbow

4. Sea Horse

5. Sucker

6. Cowgirl

7. Coal Miner

8. And this drawing from Troy was his visual interpretation of Bed Pan hahahah!

Seriously you guys! I love this game so much! I need to have some people over so I can play again. Just know... should you ever get together with me and there happen to be eight of us I will be begging you to play this game with me! And you will play. And you will love it. And we will laugh until we cry!

Telestrations does cost $30 but it is most definitely worth it!

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