Sunday, February 5, 2012

Anna Maria Island

Whenever I come to Florida I make sure to get to the beach at least one day. I know one day may not seem like much but my sisters live an hour from any beach so it's a trip. But we always make it. :)

They like to take me to Anna Maria Island because the beaches are really nice and they aren't as crowded because they aren't commercial. I love it! I could honestly spend my entire time here on the beach. Me and the sun, sand and water were made for each other!

My sister Lisa took me on Saturday (Linda had plans) and this was my view for the day...

IMG_0829 1

IMG_0833 copy

IMG_0859 copy

It was a really gorgeous day. Hot but not too hot. It felt great to put on a swimsuit and just relax on the beach. The water was pretty cold though. There were some crazies swimming... and 12 years ago that might have been me. But I didn't feel like being cold.

Of course I can't go to the beach and not step in at all so as we walked down the beach in the evening I walked in the water for a while.

IMG_0925 1

IMG_2289 copy

IMG_2311 1

The water was beautiful! Green/blue.

IMG_0879 1

And just around sunset the clouds rolled in so we didn't really get much of a sunset. That's ok though because I was on the beach while everyone else was at home. :) It was such a calm, peaceful evening.

IMG_0877 1

IMG_0890 1

IMG_0917 1

IMG_0966 1

IMG_0974 1

I could spend every night on the beach and never tire of the view. I wouldn't mind spending every day on the beach as well.

Thanks for taking me to Anna Maria Island Lisa!!

IMG_0863 1

PS... it would be a beautiful place to vacation and there are plenty of rentals. Just google Anna Maria Island rentals. Prices aren't outrageous.

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