Thursday, February 9, 2012

Baby Animals

One of my favorite things about going to the zoo is seeing the babies!! Baby animals are pretty much the cutest things EVER! And Tampa's zoo did not disappoint! 

You guys!! BABY RHINOS!!! 

This first one was a white rhino and baby is two months old. ADORABLE!! I could have watched it all day long.

 IMG_1311 copy

IMG_1332 copy

IMG_1339 copy

This next rhino is the Great Indian Rhino. This baby is about seven months old.

IMG_1435 copy

IMG_1416 copy

IMG_1427 1

 IMG_1429 copy

 IMG_1433 copy

Can I have a baby rhino? Pleeasssse!?!?!

And while we are at it can I have a baby orangutan too? Because they are always so awesome.

IMG_1467 copy

Some other baby monkeys...

IMG_1190 1

IMG_1468 copy

I seriously love the baby animals sooo much!

I was reading some updates on the Pittsburgh Zoo and I think we will be heading there tomorrow. Apparently since we have last been there they've brought in some new animals. Although not all of them may be out yet because they are going through the whole transition process. (Like three elephants that were rescued from somewhere far away.) But we have a new female polar bear and the goal is that she and the male will mate and have little baby polar bears!

Pittsburgh Zoo also has four new lions which makes me happy because the male lion died a year or two ago leaving the female all alone. But not anymore. :)

But something that the Tampa Zoo has that Pittsburgh will never have are manatees. Manatees are just so super cute! And they do a lot of rescuing them and rehabilitating them and releasing them back into the wild.

IMG_1396 1

IMG_1402 copy

Hooray for zoos!

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