Friday, February 24, 2012

Fitness Friday: Progress Report

And it's a good one. :)

Back in December I started writing fitness/getting healthy updates. It was my start. I was trying to exercise more and eat right. It was a slow start but I'm doing much better now. Habits seem to have been changed. Although it would be REALLL easy to slip back into those old habits.

This past week I have not exercised. I've been sick. I'm ready to start moving slowly again but no way will I be doing an all out, leave it all on the floor workout yet. Soon though. Before the sick week I had got a few days of exercise in but the week before those few days was also a break because I had hurt my back. As much as I hate exercising I honestly can't wait to be back to 100% again and be able to exercise every day. (Yeah. I just said that!)

Anyways... here is some progress.

On December 8 I took my measurements. (If you aren't sure how to do that click here.) On February 20 I took them again. Here is what those numbers are:

                             12/8/2012                 2/20/2012
Chest                    36                            36
R bicep                 11 1/4                      11 1/4
L bicep                 11 1/4                       11     
Waist                    31 1/2                       30  (woo hoo!!)
Hips                     42 1/2                       41  (woo hoo!!)
R thigh                  24                            23 1/2
L thight                 24                            23 3/4

I had never measured myself before when losing weight and I am sooo glad that I did this time! It's not a huge difference but I'm pretty small to start with and not a ton overweight so small is all I am going to see for a long time. And I'm perfectly ok with that!

My weight on January 6 was 149 and my body fat was 28.6%.
Today my weight is 143 and my body fat is 27%.

It's a slow journey for me. Always is. But I'm moving forward and feeling healthy! I like it! Hard work and changing lifestyles is definitely the way to go when it comes to weight loss. My goal weight is 139. I know that I can lose more than that but I am happy at 139. I'm not giving myself a lower number because in the past when I've reached my low number I've lost my motivation to continue with my changes. Without having that bottom number I'll just have to keep going. Who knows what my body can do!?

Anyone else making changes for healthy living? How is your progress going?

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