Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I Like Gifts

So... Valentine's day. :)

It's a day that I always go into with zero expectations. I don't make plans and I just figure no one else will either. It's just Valentine's Day.

That means that I was totally surprised when Mike handed me a little gift box at breakfast.

IMG_1990 copy

I had seen the ring on etsy a while back and sometimes I'll just email Mike a link. That way whenever he feels like buying me a gift (it's my love language) he has some ideas. Although if he bought me something I hadn't suggested that would be fine too!

So he had an idea... and I had no idea he actually ordered it... the day I sent the link! Good man. :)

After breakfast Liza and I headed to church for Bible study. Jason had a cold so he stayed with Mike and they went off to do some shopping. I came home to a cute little bundle of carnations from my guys. They make my heart happy!

IMG_2025 copy

And then... because I finally had a good reason to... I made a lightbox to take the photos of my ring and flowers.

IMG_2022 copy

IMG_2025 copy1

Hooray for lovelies from my loves!!

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