Monday, February 20, 2012

Jason the Big 4 Year Old!

I can't believe my baby is FOUR!!

 IMG_2139 1

We'll be celebrating all week.

We always have a little party with the grandparents but we weren't able to make that happen until next Saturday. So this past Saturday we had some friends over for a little play date and lunch. That made Jason pretty happy.

IMG_2118 copy

Nick is a couple of years older than Jason but they just love each other a ton.

IMG_2109 1

Nick enjoyed wearing all of Liza's dress up stuff. :)

IMG_2042 copy

We had lunch. And cupcakes.

IMG_2050 copy

IMG_2052 copy

IMG_2062 copy

The kids played. Kim and I tried to talk over the noise.

The kids played some more.

IMG_2126 copy

Today was actually Jason's birthday so he is officially four.

He woke up to balloons on the floor and a decorated door. I think he felt pretty special and that was the goal. We gave him his big gift right away. He got an iXL just like Liza did for Christmas. He's been playing hers a ton and was so excited to have his own.

IMG_2156 1

Then I went shopping for the rest of his gifts. I've been slacking lately.

Anyways... Jason is four now and more awesome than EVER! He also makes the best faces of anyone I have ever met.

IMG_2141 copy

I love my awesome little four year old!!

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