Monday, February 20, 2012

Like No One Else...

Dave Ramsey always says "Live like no one else so that someday you can live like no one else."

That's the plan we've been living by. We've always been cheap. When we first got married we basically had nothing and no money. We were more than thankful for the kindness and generosity of others and were able to fill our first two bedroom apartment up with second hand furniture. Our couch wasn't comfortable... but it was a couch. And we were ok with it.

Since then we have been getting more and more hand-me-downs. We bought a few things second hand from garage sales or thrift stores. Very little of what we have is new. And what was new wasn't very expensive... like Jason's dresser... it's a $300 dresser that I got for about $120.

That was our most expensive piece of furniture... until today.

This morning Mike picked up another new to us couch for $125 making it our most expensive piece of furniture in the past nine years.

I'm kind of proud of that little statistic of ours.

My house may not match... but I think it's cozy. Comfortable. It feels lived in.

I don't have to worry if the kids spill on something because I didn't spend a ton of money on anything. I'm able to relax and not worry if someone has their shoes on the furniture. (I put my shoes on the furniture all the time.)

I like living cheap.

Living cheap has allowed us to pay off all debt and save up our 6 month emergency fund. (For those of you who don't know what that means it's just that we have enough money in a savings account to cover 6 months of expenses should we ever need it.) With that in place and additional savings we are ready to FINALLY start looking for a house to call our own.

But we have to be careful to not get carried away.

Will I get my dream home this time? Nope. Not even close. Can't even look in anything close to that price range.

We'll buy a cheap house with space that works for us. I was looking online the other day, just browsing, and I'm pretty sure that whatever house we move in to will be UGLY when we move in. As long as the structure is good and it has the right number of rooms I won't mind. I can handle ugly for a short time. Walls can be painted.

I'm not in a huge rush to find a house. We have a monthly lease so there is no deadline of when we need to move by. I've become used to waiting for the right thing to come along in the right time... whether it is furniture, an opportunity, a camera or a home. I have found that waiting can pay off. We spent six months looking for the house we are currently renting. It felt like forever but we found one that has worked so well for us.

I know that if I start looking and just trust God that our home will come... and it will be perfect for us. And it will not be a burden financially.

We will continue to live like no one else so that some day we can live like no one else... so that someday I can have my dream home and Mike can have his dream car and we can take the kind of vacations that we dream of... and we'll be able to pay cash. It will be sweet. It will be worth living cheaply now.

Anyone have any tips on buying a house?? I've never done that before!

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