Saturday, February 11, 2012

Liza Plays With Tigers

I love going to the zoo! And Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium is a great one! We went again yesterday because it's been a while since the kids have been there and we needed something to do. It was a really cold day but that doesn't matter to us! Cold and early in the day make for an empty zoo. :) There was only one other car in the parking lot when we got there and only ten when we left. PERFECT!!!

Two days ago a baby gorilla was born. We weren't able to see it because it was tucked in a corner out of view. If we had seen that I am sure it would have been our favorite animal of the day but since we didn't... the tigers were definitely our favorite. (I'll be going back to see that gorilla soon for sure!)

We always see the tigers on the way in and the way out. Yesterday when we arrived all four tigers were out. Three of them were right next to a viewing window so we headed there and as we went the fourth tiger made it's way to the window too.

IMG_1566 copy

We stayed at the window for a while and eventually realized that two of them were watching no one but Liza.

 IMG_1621 copy

Liza started moving around and they would follow her and then it turned into a bit of hide and seek.
Liza would run behind this bamboo wall and the one tiger would always go as well. I'm sure it was watching her pink through the small spaces.

IMG_1648 1

Then Liza would run to the window and the tiger would follow.

IMG_1649 1

At this point Liza would giggle as she jumped and ran across the window. The tiger was jumping and pawing at her all the way.

IMG_1650 1

IMG_1652 1

IMG_1654 copy

IMG_1655 copy

Then Liza would make her way back behind the wall and do it all over again... and again... and again. Pretty sure we did this for about twenty minutes. A few people came by and watched and giggled. At one point a small class group came by and the tiger wouldn't pay attention to anyone but Liza so she just kept going and showed them all how fun the tiger was.

IMG_1662 1

Liza and the tiger were becoming friends. (At least in Liza's mind. I'm sure the tiger wanted to eat her up.)

IMG_1672 copy

IMG_1674 copy

IMG_1877 copy

The tiger was all about Liza! And Liza was all about the tiger!! We eventually moved along to see some other animals but stopped by again on our way out. The tigers weren't by the window when we got there but as soon as they saw Liza two of them made their way over and Liza started playing again. At one point I decided to see if we could get a pic with the tiger. I gave Mike the camera and then Jason and I sat at the window. The tiger just paced back and forth and wasn't cooperating. Eventually I decided it would only work if Liza was in the picture too so I got her to sit with me and as soon as I got her on the ledge this is what happened...

IMG_1916 1

IMG_1921 1

IMG_1926 copy

Liza loves the animals so much! She always makes a friend. She has now high fived a polar bear, orangutan, gorilla and a tiger. (All through glass of course.)

IMG_1899 copy

I think Liza should grow up to work with animals... cool animals like the ones in a zoo.

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