Saturday, February 11, 2012

My Country Song

I hurt ma back.
My phone don't werk.
The warshing machine is leakin'.

Ok. So maybe it's a little more redneck then country... but pretty sure most rednecks are pretty much country so let's just go with it ok.

Anyways... it's all true.

I have no idea how I hurt my back. It's my lower back. Just on the left. It's not awful but it's enough. Enough to keep me from exercising and just resting it so it gets better and I can get back to exercising. Kind of bummed about missing the exercise because the scale is actually moving steadily in the desired direction.

My phone. We are from the cave man era and still use a landline. We do have one cell but pretty much Mike just uses it to call me from work. (I hate cell phones.) On our landline we started having problems a while ago. There are two numbers that we are not able to call. Those two numbers happen to be the only two numbers we actually call often... my parents and Mike's parents. I was joking with my mom that this might have actually been a good thing about fifteen years ago. :) But now... I need to be able to call them from the phone I pay for! Geez. Mike called the phone company and they said they worked it out but the last time I called my mom it rang fifteen times on my end before ringing once on hers. Not fixed in my opinion.

And then there is the washing machine. I just spent a lot of time soaking up water off the floor. It seems to continue adding water after it is full. boo. I have sooo much laundry that needs done! And I don't need a broken washer.

It's cold. The sun isn't shining. Mike worked last night, is working now until late tonight and he works all day tomorrow. One of these days he will have a job with hours that I don't have to hate.

My life just feels really messy right now. And I thought I would share it because someone thought I gave the impression that I have it all together. Oh wait. I already mentioned that in a previous post.

I hope none of you ever think that I have the perfect life. I've had a lot of people in the past say things like "I wish I was more like you" or "I wish I had a life like yours" but trust me... you don't. It's just as hard being me as it is being you.

And that's my pity party. If you've read this far thanks for letting me complain.

Now I'm going to go snuggle with my babies under some warm, soft blankets and watch movies all night... after I clean my incredibly dirty house.

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