Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Polar Bears are Awesome!

Remember how I go to the zoo all the time? And how for the longest time all I wanted was to see the polar bear swim? And then about three times in a row I would get there and the bears would be in the water and as soon as I got in the tunnel they would get out? And then how I FINALLY got to see the polar bears swim and it was incredibly, amazingly awesome because it was just me and my family in the tunnel with the bear? And then we went again and had a similar experience? Well now we are at three times in a row of the polar bear swimming.

I think the zoo thinks we are cool and the animals all know that they are supposed to be awesome when we come now. :)

We got to the polar bear exhibit and the bear was doing his thing, pacing around.

IMG_1713 copy

IMG_1715 copy

After a little while Mike and the kids started walking on to the next thing but I was all "No! I'm not leaving yet! He's going to swim. I just KNOW it!"

But they were off and playing a little ways down the walk.

And I kept waiting and watching.

Bear thought about it...

IMG_1721 copy

walked up to the edge...

IMG_1729 copy

looked at the water...

IMG_1731 copy

thought about it some more...

IMG_1732 copy

looked right at me (I know it was me because I was the only one standing there)...

IMG_1733 copy

And then he was in the water swimming around!!

IMG_1746 copy

He swam for a minute and then went to the edge, shook off the water...

 IMG_1742 copy

and then he turned and gave me a smile. :)

 IMG_1743 copy

We're friends now. I want to go live with the polar bears.

There was a lot more swimming and playing from the polar bear and I stood there until he was done. My kids did come back to see it eventually and they were glad that I made them all wait a bit.

IMG_1753 copy

IMG_1761 copy

IMG_1771 copy

I love the Pittsburgh Zoo and I love polar bears!!

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