Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Snow Leopard

Kim and I went to the zoo on Monday WITHOUT kids!!

Oh how nice it was to be able to spend as much time as we wanted with each animal... and our cameras! I'm not even going to tell you how many pictures were taken between the two of us. Just know that it was a lot!

But that's how we have fun. And I just love our zoo animals so much!

The first animal you come to at our zoo is the beautiful snow leopard. I love all wild cats. I think they are my favorites of all the animals. The snow leopard is often hiding where we can't see him very well but he was out and pacing around this time. 


IMG_2223 copy

IMG_2209 copy

Their tales are MASSIVE!

IMG_2217 1

IMG_2225 1

 IMG_2238 copy

IMG_2230 copy

 IMG_2232 copy

IMG_2231 copy

I want one.

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