Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo

My sisters and I wanted to do something on my last day in Florida and we had my two nieces along with us so we needed something kid friendly. We decided to visit the Lowry Park Zoo.

It's the second time I've been to the Tampa Zoo and I have to say... It's a nice one. But I like Pittsburgh's setup much better... and Pittsburgh let's you take your own food and drinks into the zoo. Other than that though... no complaints about Tampa's zoo!

I actually liked that many of the animals weren't closed in by glass so I could see them better... because looking through smudged up glass isn't very fun. And there were also plenty of animals that we don't have up here. Hooray for variety!

Bald Eagle
IMG_1365 copy

Clouded Leopard (gorgeous!)
IMG_1411 copy

IMG_1265 1

IMG_1275 1

We were able to get up close and personal with the giraffe. I paid $3 for one leaf of romaine lettuce so my nieces could feed it. It was worth it.

IMG_1288 copy

IMG_1305 copy

IMG_1225 copy

IMG_1197 copy

And my nieces...

IMG_1167 1

and Kyla
IMG_1169 1

There were also lots of super cute baby animals at the Lowry Park Zoo. I'll try to get those posted soon. I want a baby rhino!

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