Saturday, February 4, 2012

Tarpon Springs Part 2

I think my favorite part of our time at Tarpon Springs was the boat touristy thing that we did. Often times they can be a bit boring but I loved this one!

 IMG_2241 1
(Waiting for the boat ride.)

IMG_0745 1

The captain was a cute old guy and he had some jokes for us. He cracked me up and made me smile. He took us for a tour of the area and told us all about the fishing and sponge diving and explained some of the industry in the area. Then we cruised for a while and went to a small island that had tons of shells. We had a half hour there to just walk around and find some fun shells. I grabbed a ton. Liza and Jason will be pumped when I get home with a gazillion seashells for them. :)

 IMG_2250 1

 IMG_0764 1

IMG_0771 1

IMG_0774 1

 IMG_0784 1
(Windy boat ride!)

IMG_0795 1 copy

IMG_0821 copy

IMG_0823 copy

After our time on the island we headed back and spotted some dolphins along the way.

 IMG_2253 1
(Lisa got this good picture.)

 IMG_0788 1

It was just a fun, laid back outing. I loved it!!

I give Tarpon Springs Sponge Docks two thumbs up!

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