Thursday, February 23, 2012


I have a little peeve.

I see it a lot.

I realize that not everyone has the same beliefs as me but when I ask for prayer it is different than saying "hey! Think some positive thoughts for me!"

You see... positive thoughts don't do anything to help. You can think about me all day long and it will have no effect on my life unless you start thinking along the line of my friend Kim and have a thought like "Laura is sick. I think I'll take her some chicken noodle soup." And then actually follow through on that thought. In that way... yes. Positive thoughts are helpful.

But that's usually not what people mean when they say "sending positive thoughts your way."

Those thoughts aren't going to reach me or make a difference.

But prayer does.

Prayer changes things.

Like two nights ago... Liza was in tears from an earache. I could have tried thinking positive thoughts all night long. I could have hoped that I was sending some positive energy her way. But it wouldn't stop her earache. It wouldn't make her feel any better. Instead, we prayed. And we prayed until that ear was all the way better. Prayer helps because God is real. Liza's ear hasn't hurt at all since we prayed for it that night.

I'm not saying that thinking positively about someone else is wrong. It's just that if you only stop at thinking it changes nothing. If you think of someone then send them a note in the mail, say hi on their FB wall with a little bit of encouragement, give a compliment, say a prayer, order them a meal that's paid for and have it delivered to their house. Let there be some kind of action attached to that positive thought.

You may be wondering what brought all of this on right now. It's simply that I think about this a lot but tonight I tried a new yoga dvd and at the end the instructor clinked these little bells together and said something like "know that your positive thoughts are vibrating throughout the universe."

Um. Ok.

Maybe they are out there vibrating. Fine. But prayers are what makes a difference.

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