Sunday, February 19, 2012

Today's Battle

Mike went to camp this weekend. Man Camp to be exact. It's a weekend for men to get together, talk about God, form new relationships and do manly things... like sports and guns and eating steaks for dinner. I talked to Mike on the phone yesterday and he sounded like he was having a great time.

Me? I'm miserable. Just so happens that I got the cold that Jason had last week and I am completely gross. I've gone through more tissues in a 24 hour period than anyone ever should. I sat here last night with a stuffed up nose, watering eyes and a migraine that made me feel like I was going to puke.

Nothing like being sick to make you miss your husband!

I'm still feeling pretty miserable today and I am really looking forward to Mike coming home! He's so good at taking care of me.

Anyways... what I really want to talk about is this...

Why is it sooo difficult to eat well when you have a cold?

Seriously! The only things that sound good right now are potato chips and those cupcakes sitting on the counter. The good-for-me-foods aren't appealing at all.

Why do I think that those cupcakes are the only thing that would taste good!?!?! I made them so that Jason could have some with his friends yesterday... he turns four tomorrow. I only made 12. Threw the rest of the batter out. But I still have seven sitting on the counter. I would throw those out too but then I would just have to make MORE for tomorrow.

But they are so tempting right now!

And the chocolate icing that is in the fridge? I could eat it by the spoonfuls.

But fruit? Vegetables? Sandwiches? The thought of those things almost makes me feel even more sick than I am.

How backwards and messed up is that!?!? Those sugary, greasy things would actually make me feel worse I am sure. Not to mention that sugar suppresses  the  immune system. Is it a comfort thing? Am I just remembering how much I like those not-good-for-me foods? Why do I want those things and nothing else? How do I end this torture?

I'm not actually going to eat those things because I KNOW they aren't what I need right now. But I'm stuck because I'm really hungry and I have no food that I want to eat. Anyone want to run to Panera for me and pick up some chicken noodle soup and a whole grain baguette for me? THAT would be a good choice for eating at the moment.

Maybe Mike will stop for me on his way home.

Oh... and drinking water while having a cold?? GROOOOSSSSSSSSSS! I usually LOVE water. It's pretty much all I drink. But I'm feeling quite dehydrated because I just. can't. drink. it. Any suggestions for that problem? Or do I just need to force myself to drink it?

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