Friday, March 9, 2012

All Grown Up

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My Jason.

He's four now.


How did that happen? It's hard to believe some days.

Jason is such an awesome kid. He makes me smile. Always. He's amazing. And he loves growing up. I often say to him "Jason! Stop growing up!" And he replies "I can't! I don't know how!"

But I love watching him grow up! I love his mind. He cracks me up.

While eating dinner the other night we were telling Jason about his first pair of shoes we bought for him when he learned how to walk. I told him "you hated them! You cried and cried. You were just screaming your head off!" Jason gave me a serious look and then asked quite seriously "How did you get my head back on?"

We've had some big growing up moments lately and Jason has been extremely pumped about each one.

First we got rid of all of our small forks and spoons and the kids started using "big people silverware." You would have thought I bought them the world!

Then we got rid of the five-point harness on Jason's car seat so it's now a booster like Liza's. Jason was ecstatic!! He could not wait for his first ride in his big boy booster! He and Liza had a conversation about it at breakfast before Jason's first ride. Liza was making sure he knew the rules (which we have never actually called rules before.)

Liza: Rule number 1: Stay in your seat. Rule number 2: Be careful in parking lots.
Jason: Rule number 3: No be a stupid.
Liza: We aren't doing those kinds of rules Jason. Rule number 3: Watch out for the door. And rule number 4: Don't be a deer! They forget to look both ways and get hit by cars.

That morning Jason had the best ride of his life I think! And it was an amazing moment for me. After five and a half years of spending so much time putting kids in to car seats and getting them out I had a moment I will never forget. I pulled into our driveway. Unbuckled. Opened my door. Got out. And then I realized that both of my kids had unbuckled themselves, opened the door, got out and closed their door too. WHAT!?!?!? Did I just get out of the car and walk up the steps without having to do car seat duty!?!? AMAZING!

And then last night Jason slept with underwear on. I think I am officially done buying diapers.

I think I like this growing up stuff! Jason as a growing up boy is the best thing ever. Last night before bed this was our conversation:

Me: I love you so much Jason!
Jason: I love you too.
Me: I love you three.
Jason: I love you sixty-nine Toy Story 3 pickles.

Doesn't get much better than that!

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