Wednesday, March 28, 2012

April Fun!

I am really excited for the month of April. I have tons of fun things on the calendar.

On April 1st I will be taking Liza on a date. We are going to see a local production of Cinderella. Liza is beyond excited, planning the perfect outfit and asking questions like "Will I get to go up to the prince and do this?" as she does a little curtsy. It will be the perfect date.


On April 3 I am heading to Heinz Hall in Pittsburgh to see Beauty and the Beast. My brothers and sisters all decided that we should send mom and dad to go as their Christmas present and since I'm the one that lives here I offered to go along with them because I knew they probably wouldn't want to be finding their own way around the city. The last (and only show) I saw was Wicked. I enjoyed every moment of the experience and I am absolutely looking forward to seeing another show!

You may remember that last year after going to an Easter Egg Hunt I came back saying how much I dislike them and from then on I was going to have my own. Well... I really am doing that. I invited a bunch of friends to bring their kids over a few days before Easter for an Easter Egg Hunt. I've been planning for that for a few days now... filling eggs with candy and preparing crafts. We'll be doing egg dying and temporary tattoos and an Easter story. All the fun things that would be at a big egg hunt minus all the crazy parents and massive crowds. :)


Last month my friend Amy had a women's breakfast where she invited friends, shared a devotional and then opened up group discussion. I told her I wanted to be a part of what she was doing. We will be having another meeting this month and I'll be sharing the devotional this time. (More info on that soon for those of you in the area!)


On April 21st my church is hosting a Tim Hawkins event! Mike and I will be going. For those of you who don't know who Tim Hawkins is, he is a comedian. Hilarious. I'm looking forward to a night of laughter!


April should be a fun month for me! Do you have any plans??

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