Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Baby Gorilla!!!

Back in February a baby gorilla was born at the Pittsburgh Zoo. Mike and I had taken the kids not knowing there was a new baby and it just happened to be a day or two after it's birth. We weren't able to see it because it was hidden in a place that was out of view. I waited and waited as long as the kids would let me but had to leave sad.

I was determined that I would get to the zoo and stay until I saw that baby. My friend Kim and I decided to go to the zoo without kids and we saw that baby gorilla! It was about two weeks old at the time.

Cutest! Thing! EVER!

IMG_2312 copy

 IMG_2334 copy

After seeing the pictures I took that day, Liza and Jason kept asking when they would get to go see the baby gorilla.

Yesterday was finally that day!

Baby gorilla (he doesn't have a name yet) is about 1 1/2 months old. I want one!

(Pardon the poor quality of the pics. It was so dark that even a high ISO left me with an insanely slow shutter speed. And lots of noise.)

IMG_3243 1

IMG_3244 1

IMG_3248 1

IMG_3301 1

IMG_3305 1

IMG_3306 1

Mama's name is Moka. I love watching her.

IMG_3311 1

So... if you are going to the Pittsburgh Zoo and want to see the gorilla here is a tip. I noticed both times that around 10:00 they fed the gorillas so they were all out where you could see them. And same thing for about 2:00 in the afternoon. It's not a guarantee but I'm going to say it's a really good possibility!

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