Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Beth's Baby Shower

This past Saturday I went to my friend Beth's baby shower. It was put on by some of her family and let me tell ya... they set it all up so cute! It was held in my church's cafe which is a great place because the light comes in and it's new and it's just a great place for little parties.

IMG_2831 1

Craftiness and decorating must run in her family.

3-18-2012 beth's shower1

 Beth has an animal theme going on in the baby room. These were the adorable center pieces on our tables...

3-18-2012 beth's shower

There was lots of great food!

IMG_2844 1

I didn't eat that but it looked awesome! And these cute little bird's nest cupcakes...

IMG_2866 copy

Beth's mother-in-law made this awesome diaper cake...

 IMG_2873 1

Something that was really nice for Beth was that they asked everyone to take turns giving her advice. I don't remember at the moment what this woman said to Beth but I know that it was good, godly advice. It was a nice moment.

IMG_2885 1

Beth's mom mentioned unconditional love. I think I saw Beth get a little teary before she got up to give her mom a hug.

IMG_2888 1

Pretty sure she got a ridiculously awesome amount of gifts!

IMG_2836 1

IMG_2862 1

3-18-2012 beth's shower2

IMG_2920 1

Beth is certainly blessed with many, many family and friends that love her so much. But that's understandable because Beth is so easy to love! She is by far one of the sweetest people I have ever met! And I can't wait to meet her baby boy!!

IMG_2871 copy

IMG_2977 1

IMG_2980 copy

IMG_2985 copy
(Beth and her mom... sweet ladies!)

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