Friday, March 16, 2012

Drawing Case Winner

I forgot I was supposed to pick a winner today for the little drawing case!

I'll do that now. Sorry to keep you waiting. Although, I bet you forgot about it too. :)

I did it the old fashioned way so I could include the people who entered on Facebook and the winner is JEN!!

She's a great friend of mine. In fact, we just had lunch at Panera today. :) We met when she moved into one of the apartments behind my house. Her kids would be out to play and so would mine... that's a fine formula for meeting a neighbor. She's left the neighborhood since then and now that it's nice out and the kids are playing outside again I miss having her as a neighbor...  a lot!

Congrats Jen! I'll get your drawing case to you soon. (I have to make it first.)


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