Monday, March 12, 2012

Drawing Case

(Read to the end for a giveaway.)
Did you know that March is National Craft Month?? Well it is... and I've been using it as an excuse to be crafty every day. I've made so many things already! And I have more to make. I'm going to start showing you some of those things and adding my tips to the tutorials that I used.

I'll start with the drawing case.

That's the one I saw on Pinterest that got me interested and it happens to have a really great tutorial. I ran to the store and got the materials and got started. Here is the one I made for Liza in her favorite colors...

IMG_2717 1

Liza is completely in love. I gave it to her last night and I can't even count how much time she has spent with her new little drawing case! She's made some of the cutest pictures too. She worked on the one in this next picture with Mike...

IMG_2718 1

The case holds a small notebook and several crayons/markers/pen/pencils.

IMG_2719 1

It has a nice flap that folds over and it closes with velcro.
I made one for Jason as well. He doesn't love it as much as Liza does but he still has been using it.

IMG_2721 1

These will be really great to take along on car rides or for appointments and meetings where I will have the kids along with me.
I'd have to say that this was a step for me... only because I really had to pay attention to measurements and getting my pieces cut the right size. :) I like to just be close instead of exact. But it was good for me and I enjoyed making them. In fact, I've seen several that are a little more "grown-up" and I might make something like this for myself.

Things about this tutorial... (in case you want to make your own)...
*For the batting- I used a thick one because it was cheap on clearance. Next time I buy more (after I use up all of what I already have) I will go with a thinner batting. I think it would just look nicer and the thickness, although it works fine, isn't necessary.
*I have not been able to get the measurements for the crayon pockets to work out evenly like the tutorial says. It's not a huge deal. I would just like it to actually work how it says it will. Not sure if I am doing something wrong or if the tutorial is wrong.
Anyways... I have some leftover blue and red fabric that I have nothing to do with soooo....

IMG_2723 1
I am giving away one drawing case to one lucky winner! It will be red and blue (but may be red on the outside and blue on the inside unlike the one shown. Depends on how much of each piece of fabric I have left.)

To enter this giveaway just answer the question:

When is the last time you colored?

Was it today? Or forever ago when you were a kid?

And just so you know... this would also be nice for adults. It would be great for putting in your purse (if you have a large one) to use to jot down things throughout the day. To-do list. Grocery list. Taking notes during church or other meetings. Whatever!

Winner will be randomly selected on Friday, March 16.

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