Saturday, March 17, 2012

Family Photo Shoot

I've been working through my 2012 to-do list pretty quickly and if I keep going at this rate I'll be done with it in no time. :)

I have a photography list every year. I like to do one of everything. Just to practice and find what it is that I really love and work out what my weaknesses are so I can improve. In February, while I was in Florida, I took pictures of my sister's family. I've done very few family shoots so it was nice to get the practice in and I knew that my sister would be happy with whatever we got so I didn't feel intense pressure. 

So here some pics I got of Linda, Troy and my nieces Rayna and Kyla.

IMG_0987 1

IMG_1027 copy

IMG_1051 copybw

IMG_1059 copybw

IMG_1068 copy

IMG_1106 copy

IMG_1041 copybw

IMG_1137 copy

IMG_1141 copy

IMG_1153 copy

IMG_1003 copybw

IMG_1010 copybw

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