Monday, March 19, 2012

Handmade Gifts

I love giving gifts and whenever friends have babies it's always a great excuse to get crafty. This past weekend was my friend Beth's baby shower (more on that later) and I put together a fun basket of handmade gifts.

IMG_2835 1

I got most of the ideas from things I saw on Pinterest.

So what all is in the basket??

A newborn sized monster hat. I've been wanting to make a little one and Beth does some photography so I figured that it would be something she could keep and use for photoshoots in the future.

Can't wait to see it on a head!!

IMG_2804 copy

A set of bibs with ties. Super cute!! I found the tutorial at Markham Street Design and it was a great one to follow.

IMG_2808 copy

Some quick tips in case you decide to make them...
*I used heat-n-bond to hold the ties in place.
*You do have to iron that on and my bibs said not to iron. Well I did anyways and it discolored the parts that were ironed a little... so I just ironed the whole bib real quick and it turned out fine.
*To design the tie- I free handed it and once I got it about the right size I folded it down the middle and cut it out that way so it would be symmetrical (like you cut out a heart.)

They were a lot of fun to make!

IMG_2809 copy

I also made a bundle of burp cloths using cloth diapers. You can find the tutorial at Petite Lemon Blog. These turned out well enough but I don't think I will do it this way again. I've seen several other ways to make burp cloths and will by trying a different way next time. (The thing I didn't like was that I could not get the ends lined up well. That bothers me.)

IMG_2812 1

IMG_2813 1

The last thing in the basket was an awesome hooded towel! My kids have towels like this and they are so great. A bit big for a newborn baby but the day will come when they will love having that huge towel!

IMG_2817 copy

I'm hoping to put together a photo tutorial explaining how I made the hooded towel. There are several tutorials linked in pinterest but I wasn't liking how they were going so I pulled out the towels we have and figured it out. Hopefully I'll have that tutorial together in a week or so. (It's super simple!)

So that is what Beth got from me. I was happy with the way everything turned out.

What kinds of gifts do you give to new moms?

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