Thursday, March 1, 2012


Today Mike and I took our yearly trip to the outlets to buy new shoes. It was a nice day out and we came home with good shoes at great prices.

Mike was also needing a new coat. His leather coat is... well, I actually can't remember him not having it which means he got it sometime in college. More than ten years ago?? We saw Wilson's Leather Outlet so we stopped in to have a look.

A lot of the coats were on clearance for "an additional 70% off". That made for some pretty good prices. I helped Mike pick out a coat. It's a nice four in one coat. The inner lining can zip out and is a coat too that can be worn two ways. The arms also zip off so it can be a vest. A coat that can be worn in all seasons for only $75? We bought it.

Mike was spending some time browsing around the store though so I decided to do the same knowing I wouldn't buy anything. I was looking at some cute purses when the sales lady that had been talking to us while looking at coats says "This one just came today. Do you like this one?"

And I replied.


She and the other sales lady seemed a bit shocked at my absolute honesty and we all had a good laugh about it. It just came out! They asked if I liked it and I answered! It wasn't an ugly purse. Just not something I would buy for myself. Too blingy for me.

It was a humorous moment and I was thankful that the two sales ladies responded the way they did. The one said "Well we did ask if YOU liked it. Now we know."

It was a silly little moment but it made me think... it was sooo nice to not pretend. At all! To just be me. To be free to say "Nope. I don't like it." And to have that be ok.

How many times do I feel that I have to have the right answer? To say what I'm thinking in a way that will make me still look good after explaining? How often do I consider covering up who I am?

What about you? Do you feel free to just be you? Or do you often feel like you need to cover up and pretend? Have you had a funny shopping experience that gave you deep thoughts later on?

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