Wednesday, March 21, 2012

If I Could Just Get...

I do a Tuesday morning Bible study each week and I just love my group so much! Right now we are being taught by a lovely woman from our church. When I asked her to teach I simply said "Teach from any book of the Bible that you want. I trust that you will pray about it and go with what is on your heart." She came back a few weeks later and said "I'm going to do Ecclesiastes."

I'm not gonna lie. My initial reaction, which I kept to myself, was "oh. Wow. Ecclesiastes. I just read that and it was DEPRESSING! What on earth is she going to do with THAT book!??"

But let me tell ya! She has been giving me plenty of things to think about with her teaching! And I am really enjoying the study!

Here is the main thing I've been taking away so far...

THINGS don't satisfy. Actually nothing satisfies other than God. Anything apart from God is meaningless. And that's an awful way to live.

So often we go through life thinking things like:
*I'll be happy once I'm married.
*A new job would make my life so much better.
*If I can just get my kids potty trained and out of diapers...
*Life will be so much easier when my kids are in school.
*If I could just get that promotion, that raise.
*If I could just get that degree...

So many "If I could just get..." statements. End it however it fits in your life. If I could just get... through this. THEN.

But then what? Then I would be happy? Then I would be satisfied? Then my life would be better?

There is a problem with that kind of thinking. Well, two problems...

1. Only God can satisfy.
2. You are the same person. Let me explain what I mean... who I am won't change just because my situation changes. If I'm not happy and satisfied now, I won't be happy and satisfied once I get to the next thing. I might think I'm happier for a short time but it won't last.

Go to God for satisfaction, fulfillment and a meaningful life. Let Him change you into a better you. Find true and lasting joy for your every day. Because the reality is that today is the future you used to hope for. Are you satisfied? Did getting those things you hoped for make everything better? Or do you just find yourself hoping for a new future?

Get with God. Enjoy your now. Living a meaningful life.

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