Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Pin Cushions

Did you see what I posted yesterday? If not go check it out and make sure to read to the bottom to learn about the giveaway!

Today I am going to show you something really simple I made with some leftover scraps of material. You don't need much at all!

Pin cushions from mason jars. :)

So those are the ones that someone else made that I saw on pinterest. (What a great site right!!?) Now, that pin went to a site with pics but no tutorial so let me tell you how I made mine.

 IMG_2725 1

 IMG_2790 copy

-mason jar and lid
-small piece of scrap fabric
-hot glue gun
-stuffing (you know... like teddy bear stuffing. I don't know technical names and terms. Deal with it! :))

1. Place the lid on your fabric and using something to write with, freehand a circle about one inch wider. Cut it out.
 IMG_2786 1

2. Trace the lid for a circle it's size and cut that out.

3. Take a small amount of stuffing, put some glue on the top of the lid and set the stuffing on top. The glue just helps hold it in place a little while you work. You don't need very much stuffing at all.
 IMG_2792 1

4. Place the large fabric circle over top of the stuffing and push the stuffing toward the center. Pop that into the ring so you have this...
 IMG_2793 1

 IMG_2794 1

5. While holding it in the ring place random dots of glue on bottom of lid and start gluing the fabric down. Continue until all edges are glued.
 IMG_2795 1

6. Take the small circle of fabric and glue it on to the bottom just to make it look nicer.
(Sorry this pic is awful. Had to move quick because the glue dries fast.)
 IMG_2796 1

7. Put a little bit of glue around the inside "corner" of the ring (it doesn't take much and you have to move fast) and place the pin cushion into it.
 IMG_2797 1

Screw the lid on and you are done!
 IMG_2799 1

It's really quite easy.
And they look so nice!

I made one for each of my three friends that I taught to sew on Monday night. (More on that soon!)

IMG_2731 1

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