Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sugar: Is Fat Free Better?

Check your fat free and low fat foods. They might have less fat but they may also have MORE sugar and not much less calories.

Example that was in Get the Sugar Out by Ann Louis Gittleman:

Take Nabisco Fig Newtons, for example. Two of the original Fig Newtons supply you with 13 grams of sugars and 110 calories. If you eat two Nabisco Fat-Free Fig Newtons, thinking you’re doing your body such a favor, you’ll get no fat, but you’ll get more sugar--15 grams instead of 13 grams--and only 10 fewer calories. What’s worse is that the fat in the original cookie helps satiate your appetite so you are apt to eat only a few. With the fat-free kind, people sometimes eat whole boxes without ever feeling satisfied.

Our bodies need some fat but they do not need sugar.

“Protein and essential fatty acids are required to keep your blood sugar balanced" says Gittleman.

Work towards a balanced diet! Be aware of labels that trick us!

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