Thursday, March 15, 2012


You guys! The weather is ridiculous. And by ridiculous I mean AWESOME! I am loving the forecast! I tried to get a screen shot but I have a new computer and I haven't sorted that out yet. It should work but it's not. I'll figure it out another time.

Anyways... the next week is forecasted to be 70 and higher! For those of you that live in warm places and are wondering why I'm so excited about 70 degrees in March... that is NOT normal for Western PA! I've been seeing people in shorts and flip flops. It's weird. It should still be freezing and threatening to snow. People on spring break LEAVE PA to go somewhere else that has temps like this.

So yeah. I'm excited about this early spring.

So excited that I started some spring cleaning. Tonight I cleaned out my closet. I do it often. It's therapeutic for me. I like getting rid of stuff I don't use... or wear. The rule is that if I didn't wear it last year I won't wear it this year so get rid of it.

Of course, while going through my clothes I have to try some of them on to determine if they even fit. I started trying on my jeans and was pleasantly surprised! Remember my to-do list??? One of the things on it was to fit into my size 8s again. Tonight I put away my 10s and I smiled because all of my 8s fit and even some of my 6s!! Although I am convinced that those are large 6s. But I have to say that not eating that sugar is sure paying off for me!

Not eating sugar for the year is also on my to-do list. Haven't given in to that yet even though I have had some moments where I desperately wanted to. Like today. It's a struggle but I'm sticking with it. Because to be honest... I haven't exercised in about a month. First I had hurt my back. That got better and I got a few days of exercise in and then I got sick. I've been sick forever but I'm finally starting to feel well again. Either way, I'm still losing weight and that just goes to show that weight loss truly is 80 percent what you eat. (Or whatever that number is... I'll stick with 80%)

I'm looking forward to shopping for summer clothes!!

But in the meantime I'll stick to eating well and doing things that need taken care of...

Like registering Liza for Kindergarten. Did that today. Where has the time gone!!! Maybe I won't get around to those things that need done. Maybe I should just linger in the sunshine and enjoy my little girl who is growing up!

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