Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Teaching Friends to Sew

A few weeks ago Heidi posted on Facebook asking if anyone could teach her how to sew. I responded that I could and then Kim and Kim saw it and were also all "I want to learn how to sew!" So we made a little girls night of it and the four of us got together and I taught them how to sew.

They decided that they wanted to make placemats. I had seen this on pinterest...

...and decided it would be pretty simple. Only problem was that the measurements in the tutorial are for "playtime placemats" and I had no idea how big placemats should be since I have never used any. I used Facebook to do my research and in no time had a wonderful friend responding with the size and I got to work on my two-sided placemats.

These are mine...

IMG_2782 1

One yard of EACH material is enough to make a set of four placemats that measure 19x13 inches. If you decide to make these be sure to cut them about 20x14 inches so you have room for your seams. (Or add whatever amount you need for the size of seam you will use.)

Anyways... I headed over to Kim's house and met the girls. We got set up and had a pretty serious evening.

IMG_2756 copy

Just kidding!! We weren't serious at all! In fact, Heidi's Gram came along and she laughed at us the entire time. We were pretty hilarious. Ridiculous... and hilarious.

They cut their fabric and we all agreed that we ironed more in that one evening than we typically do in a year.

IMG_2744 copy

I showed them how to thread their machines and they each practiced for a few moments on their scraps.

IMG_2746 copy

And then they got down to the business of making placemats!

IMG_2749 1

IMG_2750 1

IMG_2752 1

They all picked it up really quickly and I had so much fun teaching them to sew!

And about 3 1/2 hours later they each had ONE placemat made. :)

IMG_2762 copy

IMG_2767 copy

IMG_2775 copy

I'm so glad that Heidi asked someone to teach her to sew and that Kim and Kim jumped on the opportunity. We laughed so much and all agreed that we need to do things like this more often. I agree... and reminded them that I do host monthly craft nights. :) But it's kind of hard to sew at Panera so we might have to see what we can do about that because sewing together was really great!

Great job on your first sewing project friends!!! Thanks for letting me teach you!

IMG_2768 copy

IMG_2772 copy

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