Friday, March 30, 2012

The Time I Gave Myself Anxiety

Usually I'm pretty organized and on top of things but somehow I totally missed a few things recently and ran way too close to my deadlines and freaked myself out.

Actually, yesterday I was having anxiety over things because I had to just WAIT. Things were kind of out of my control and I needed answers like three days ago and still I had to wait.

Here's the story...

Back in October we bought tickets through a local social group to go see Beauty and the Beast in Pittsburgh and dinner before. I have no idea why we had to buy the tickets sooo early. But we did. And I never wrote it in my planner. I KNEW it was at the beginning of April. I KNEW it was just before Easter. But since it wasn't in my planner I just kept missing it.

The problem was that I forgot to get a babysitter set up for the time we would be gone! It was just a few days ago that I remembered the show was only a few days away and I needed a babysitter. My first choice babysitters are all going to the show with us. (My parents, in-laws and my sister-in-law. Not smart of me!) I had no idea how difficult it would be to find someone to watch the kids from 4:00-11:30 on a Tuesday night! Craziness! My hopeful next choice didn't work out. And that left me scrambling and desperate.

Thankfully this morning I found a babysitter and it is someone who the kids already know a little bit. Did I mention that the show is Tuesday!?!? That's cutting things a little close for me.

Once I got the babysitter thing all sorted I realized I had another problem. I had nothing to wear! I really don't think it will be a good night to be wearing my summer dresses and flip flops but the only thing I have to wear in the winter is jeans. I was stuck.

I ran out to JCPenny tonight and surprise of all surprises... shopping was fun! AND I found an outfit in a record amount of time. Must have something to do with me losing ten pounds. :) Woo woooo.

I picked up this super cute top in purple... because purple is my color. And bought a pair of black pants to go with it.

I haven't had a pair of dressy pants in YEARS. I just don't wear them. That's why I was totally shocked that I found a pair so quickly. I think the last time I wore pants other than jeans was just after Jason was born... so four or so years ago.

However... even though I have a babysitter and even though I have my outfit I still have one more problem... I have three days to learn how to hem pants and do a good job of it on my new black pants.

I've been getting some tips from friends on facebook and I've found some tutorials on Pinterest. How do YOU hem pants and what are your tips??

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