Friday, March 16, 2012

A Visit to the Fire Station

My MOPS group had a meet up at the local fire station and I'm so glad that we were able to go along!! Liza and Jason love firetrucks and it's always fun to get to see something you love up close!

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The kids got to meet some firemen and then watched a movie about fire safety.

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After that they all got to learn about the different trucks and how the fire station works. While learning about one of the trucks some of the firemen actually got called out to a fire. They were so quick! Our group just stepped aside and the firemen got their gear on, hopped in the truck and were off in no time at all. It was a neat thing to see in action but at the same time I had to just stop and pray that they would be kept safe... because they were on their way to a FIRE!

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We got a tour of the entire fire station so we got to see where they sleep, eat and exercise. 

It was a great day out and it gave us a lot of good things to talk about when we got home. We went over what to do if there was a fire and all the different ways to get out of our house. We talked about where we would meet up outside if we didn't leave the house together. And most importantly they weren't supposed to stop to get anything at all. That made Liza sad and she actually cried for a while because she realized if there was a fire she would lose everything she has... and she just loves her little stuffed animals like they are real friends. But she settled down once I told her we would be able to buy things again.

It's really important to talk to kids about these things. Just to make them aware... just in case.

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I'm super thankful for all the firemen and women that work to help those who need it. It's a job that I could never do.

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