Thursday, March 8, 2012

Where Have All the Leaders Gone?

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Yesterday I had to volunteer at the kids' school program. When we were done with that we ate lunch and headed to the Fire Station with our MOPS group.

Both at school and at the fire station the kids always took the position of leader sooo seriously! At school the kids get excited when their name gets called for leader of the day. You better not get in front of that kid either because they. are. THE LEADER! And they will go down the hall yelling at anyone who passes them all "HEY! I'M the leader!"

Then we get to the Fire Station.

Mr. Fireman would ask at random times "Who wants to be leader now?" Several hands would quickly shoot up in the air each time. Whoever got picked would carefully lead the pack of kids. Everyone wanted their turn to be leader. Some would ask "Can I be next?"

Leaders! Everywhere!

It got to be Liza's turn to lead and the girl takes it SERIOUS! She was standing at the front of the line and the fireman was taking off all his gear and the kids were passing it along. The other fireman decided to let the kids put the helmet on. I asked Liza if she wanted to and she said no. I finally figured it out and said "Liza, you can go try the helmet on and still be leader." She was so afraid of losing her position as leader that she was willing to miss out on something fun!

At one point several kids were saying how they wanted to be the leader and I said to another mom "They all want to be leaders when they are little but then they grow up and you can't even find ONE who will lead!"

And isn't that the truth!?

Ok... maybe you can find a few. But finding leaders is the hardest thing EVER! Close to impossible. You have those same few who seem to lead everything. All the time.

Where have all the leaders gone? I have yet to meet a kid who doesn't want to be one.

I know being line leader and helping the teacher for a day is a lot different than the kind of leading required by adults. But where is the "want to"?

When does that get turned off?

Where are all the leaders?

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