Thursday, March 22, 2012

Yep... I Watch It.

American Idol.

Every year I'm all "I am not watching again next year. I'm over it." But you know... they just had to go and do auditions in Pittsburgh this year so I HAD to watch... with fingers crossed hoping that we wouldn't be made to look like fools. :)

A guy from Pittsburgh made it through the first round of auditions so I kept watching. He made it to the top 24 so I kept watching. Pittsburgh guy didn't make it to the top 13 but by that time I was completely interested in watching a few other contestants... mainly Colton Dixon.

His story... he auditioned last year and made it to the final cuts or something like that. He came back this year but wasn't auditioning. Instead, he was there to support his sister. The judges were all "No way dude! Sing NOW! You ARE auditioning man!" So he sang and he made it... and made it and made it and made it and here he is in the top 10!

So... why do I like Colton Dixon so much? Two reasons... I enjoy his music. I have never bought any cd by anyone that was on American Idol but I will buy Colton Dixon's music when it comes out.

The other reason... He's a Christian. Ok, so there is more to it than him JUST being a Christian. He is an unashamed Christian who can not help but to continue to live out his life in faith... no matter who is watching and what it might cost him. Recently an article came out about how producers of the show had warned him that being too outspoken about his faith could hurt his chances of doing well in the competition. He didn't care. He knows who he is.

"But, you know, being a Christian is who I am.  It is a part of me musically. It is what I want to do after the show -- go into Christian music."

 "I am not going to hide it, and I am not going to stray away from it just because I am on a TV show."
 Read the article.

See, here's the thing- He challenges me. I find myself asking "Would I be able to do the same?" How many times have I shied away from sharing my faith or speaking about God being a part of my life (which He very much is) when talking with a friend or neighbor? And here is Colton, on national TV, refusing to be someone he is not. And to that I say "GO HIM!" I hope I would handle the situation as well as this 20-year-old guy!

Last night he perfomed Piano Man, a song I already love, and made me love it even more. Colton was the last to go and it was kind of funny because he sang, I loved it, and then they cut to the review of the night and I was like "Oh yeah! That person is still here." I totally forgot about every other performance. I can't even tell you what most of them sang. (Except Philip Phillips because I think he always stands out too and I like him.) Below is Colton's performance. Watch through to the end and hear his response when Seacrest asks him what he was doing in those few moments before he began his song.

Have you been watching idol? What do you think of Colton and his being outspoken about his faith?

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