Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Adams Family

I recently had a photography first. I was asked to do a family shoot... and not just a simple family shoot but the "whole family" kind of shoot. The only time I've had to get the "whole family" in a photo has been at weddings.

I'm glad that I got to do this shoot. It was a good step for me and it stretched me. I ended up having only about a half hour with the whole family because some of them had to hit the road. I wasn't aware of this until we showed up for the shoot or we may have gone a little earlier! Of course that would have made things tricky because there wouldn't have been much shade and the sun would have been too high. We need to get some full leaves on these trees! Either way, I had fun, I learned and the family now has some nice pictures.

It all started with these two...

IMG_3925 copybw

And they had these three...

IMG_3839 copy

And now they are this...

IMG_3866 copy-001

Beautiful sisters!

IMG_3840 copybw

IMG_3827 copy

This is the youngest sister... she is SO pretty.

IMG_3887 copybw

IMG_3880 copy

IMG_3895 copybw

Bladen is the first and so far only grand baby.

IMG_3899 copy

IMG_3904 copy

 IMG_3984 copy

I photographed their wedding about two years ago...

IMG_3846 copy-001

A really really great family! I'm so glad they asked me to do their pics!

IMG_3851 copy-001

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