Thursday, April 5, 2012

Beauty and the Beast

Last fall Mike and I were given tickets to go see Wicked in Pittsburgh. I LOVED it! I loved the whole experience. Dinner out in the city. My first time to a show like that. The amazing theater. Loved it! I came home and blogged about it. My dad called me to tell me he was jealous because he had always wanted to do something like that.

And that is when I FINALLY got the idea for their Christmas present. :) I called up all my brothers and sisters and they agreed it was a great idea. We let mom and dad pick what show they wanted to go to this year and they chose Beauty and the Beast.

We went this past Tuesday.

Mom and Dad drove here and then we drove to Pittsburgh and met up with the rest of the group for dinner. Mom and Dad couldn't actually remember really ever being in the city so I made sure to snap a few quick pics of them...

100_3735 copy

100_3738 copy

100_3740 copy

We ate at Tambellini's... an Italian restaurant and the food was delicious!!

100_3742 1

100_3741 copy

After dinner we headed to Heinz Hall.

100_3743 copy

100_3768 copy

It's a gorgeous theater! I love old buildings and all their fancy details!

100_3767 1

100_3746 copy

100_3759 1
(That is Mike's mom with us.)

100_3761 1

Beauty and the Beast was really great! We enjoyed the show and Mom and Dad had a great time. On the way home Dad was saying how it might be the best Christmas yet... and then I reminded him that we did fly his youngest daughter home to surprise them one Christmas so that the whole family could be together. And then Mom reminded him that she got her diamond one Christmas. We settled with calling it their third best Christmas ever.

And they said it would be ok if something like this was their Christmas gift every year now. Christmas made easy! Woo hoo! :)

100_3763 1

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