Sunday, April 1, 2012


It all started with two of my friends. Karen and Marne. They both knew me. They both knew Amy. Last fall within the same week both Karen and Marne told me "You should meet my friend Amy! You would love her!" Apparently they had told Amy the same about me.

Then I learned that Karen and Marne did not know each other.

So, two friends who don't know each other. Both know me. Both know Amy. And both told us we need to meet. Within a week of each other.

Did you follow that? Think it's crazy? So did I! I decided that it's too odd of a thing to just happen and that I should do something about it. Amy and I added each other on facebook and then I got all four of us together at Panera.

We hung out and talked for a while and guess what!? I DID like Amy! I liked her a lot.

I invited her to some other things I had going on like girls nights and we started talking more and more. She started coming to my Tuesday morning Bible study and the more I got to know her the more I liked her.

In March, Amy hosted a women's breakfast. She invited all of her friends and did a little devotional about how we are God's Masterpiece and followed it up with group discussion. It was a wonderful morning and I knew it needed to happen again and I knew I wanted to be a part of it! That same day I was crafting and the project I was working on sparked a thought in my head. I couldn't get it out so I sat down and started writing. I ended up writing a full devotional and I knew I would be sharing it at our next breakfast.

A few days after that I told Amy that we needed to get together sometime and talk about what was in our hearts and what we saw happening in the future. We sat at Panera for a few hours sharing dreams and ideas. Getting really excited. Leaving with direction and goals. We had become a team.

We spent the next week brainstorming, working out details, sending each other gazillions of emails, trying to cover everything that needed to be covered.

I knew from the beginning that God had a plan for Amy and I. That it was no coincidence that both Karen and Marne told us we needed to meet.

Tomorrow we launch what has come out of all of our discussions and dreams. It's exciting! And I will tell you all about it tomorrow. :)

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