Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Beth's Belly

My sweet sweet friend Beth is pregnant with her first baby... a boy. And I can't wait to meet him! Beth is one of my favorite people and we do a lot of photography together. We went out to get some belly shots the other week... Her husband came along too. :)

IMG_3076 copy

IMG_3007 copy

IMG_3029 copy

IMG_3048 copy

IMG_3111 copy

IMG_3026 copy

IMG_3086 copy

IMG_3064 copy

IMG_3067 copy

IMG_3050 copy

IMG_3070 copy

IMG_3100 copy

IMG_3102 copy

IMG_3109 copy

 IMG_3010 copy copy

This baby will have some FUN parents who love him a ton!! Lucky boy!

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