Friday, April 13, 2012


Feeding the birds is always fun. :) It's not every day that you can get a bird to eat out of your hand!

We stopped by the birds twice last week when we were at Living Treasures Animal Park. Liza is a natural. In fact... she's pretty fearless around animals. She will pet anything. And since we didn't buy a bucket of food she was picking off the ground what others had dropped and feeding every animal that she could. She loves the animals. We stopped to pet the horse and then she started scooping up food to feed the llamas (they were in the same pen as the horse). While feeding the llamas the horse came over and tried to eat out of Liza's hand. She stopped to yell at the horse saying "This isn't for you!" Yes she was shaking her finger it at with a small dose of attitude. I love her!

Anyways... the birds...

IMG_3589 copy

Liza would feed them all day if she could. She loves having them land on her. She stays as calm as can be... like it's completely normal.

Jason is a little more hesitant.

IMG_3583 copy

He'll let a bird sit on his arm for a minute or so but then he'll hold the food out to me and say "I'm done!"

 IMG_3713 copy

He would rather play on the rocks.

But Liza will just keep feeding birds. 

Mike and I like to feed the birds too.

IMG_3705 copy

IMG_3719 copy

Fun times! Maybe one of these days I'll just take Liza. A mommy/daughter date. We like those!

IMG_3709 copy

IMG_3707 copy

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