Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Date With My Princess!

I had been waiting for today for a few weeks now but I wasn't nearly as excited as Liza. She couldn't stop talking about it. Every day she asked how many more days until our date. She was going to get to see a real live princess and that princess was Cinderella.

A local group put on the show Cinderella. I took Liza. Just a day for the girls. But you can't go to see a show like Cinderella without transforming your own little girl into a princess! That's not too much of a stretch for my Liza though... she's convinced she is a princess already. (And really she is because she is a daughter of the King of kings.)

Liza really could not contain her excitement.

We painted her fingernails... which chipped almost immediately.

 IMG_3395 copy

She put on her new dress.

 IMG_3416 copy

We did up her hair and put on her new tiara... new because she realized last night that she couldn't find hers.

 IMG_3390 copy

Ruffle socks and black shoes... on the wrong feet.

 IMG_3403 copy

Mama's pearls... because all her necklaces were broken. But the pearls were truly the perfect touch!

IMG_3399 1 copy

Lipstick. (Which is actually just chapstick.)

 IMG_3397 copy

And a purse.

 IMG_3398 copy

All ready to go!

IMG_3412 copy

This was the first time Liza got to go to a show like this and the girl was giddy the entire time. The show itself was great but Liza took the experience to a whole new level for me! She sat on my lap the whole time so she could see and she giggled at all the right places. She clapped. She sometimes couldn't contain her excitement and would say something funny. And when the characters, especially the step-sisters, were being ridiculous Liza would slap her hand to her forehead. She would also plug her ears when the step-sisters laughed because it was too loud. I didn't think it was too loud... I thought it was hysterical!

 IMG_3392 copy

Liza has been perfect for me in so many ways. She opens up hidden places in my heart and enlarges my world.

 IMG_3407 copy

She truly is a little princess.

IMG_3410 copy

And getting to take my little princess to see one of her favorite princesses... Priceless!

 100_3728 copy

100_3731 copy

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