Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Egg Hunt

Last year we took the kids to a large community egg hunt. I came home saying I was never going to a big one again and would instead host my own at my house. I did that this year and it was a big success! Thirteen kids came and they had a blast. The parents were able to enjoy it as well and everyone seemed to go home happy... and talking about Jesus.

I'll share with you everything I did. Since Easter is tomorrow I know you won't be able to pull something like this off this year but maybe you might want to next year. I know I'll probably be doing it again.

I decided to do my own egg hunt about two weeks ago. I sent out an invitation to the event on facebook with all the details along with a rain date. I asked the parents to pay $5 per kid to help with costs and I started putting everything together.

I lined up three good volunteers (friends and family without kids) to "work" the event. They were a huge help and things would not have gone as smoothly without them! (Thanks Karen, Ariel and Keira!)

As the families started to arrive I sent them outback where the kids could play and the parents could visit. I had "party bags" with some extra candy and bubbles for each kid. Once everyone had arrived they came inside where we read a book called The True Story of Easter by Nell Navillus. We talked about how Easter Bunny and eggs and candy are all really fun but the real reason we have Easter is because of Jesus. As I read the story I used our Empty Tomb Garden to emphasize things. (Click for Empty Tomb Garden tutorial.)

IMG_3510 copy

While we were reading the story my volunteers were outback hiding eggs. When they were done we headed out and let the kids find them. They each got to find 15 eggs that were filled with candy.

IMG_3520 1

IMG_3447 copy

IMG_3457 copy

IMG_3444 copy

After the hunt everyone took their time going around to do the different activities. There was egg dying in the dining room where each kid got to decorate six eggs. I spent last Monday boiling eight dozen eggs. It takes a while and my fridge smelled like eggs for much longer than I would have liked... but it was worth it. :) To make things easy I just cut each carton in half so that it was easy for the parents to keep track of the eggs and get them home all in one piece.

IMG_3488 1

IMG_3815 copy

In the living room was a table with temporary tattoos. Kids always love that kind of thing!

IMG_3485 copy

Jason's room had just enough room for a card table and some space to stand around it. At that "station" the kids made Salvation Bracelets. I'm sure most of you have seen these before but if you haven't here is the simple explanation: Black represents our sin, red for Jesus blood, white for forgiveness, yellow for heaven and green to remind us to grow in our relationship with God.

IMG_3508 1

Liza's room had another table set up for the Empty Tomb craft.

IMG_3505 1

IMG_3504 1

The parents took their kids around and did all the activities and then the kids headed outside to play some more.

We had a gorgeous day for the Easter Party and I am sooo glad that I did it! No pushy, crazy parents. No insane crowds. And we could guarantee that the kids would be getting plenty of reasons to talk about the real reason for Easter.

Happy Easter everyone!

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