Monday, April 9, 2012

Every Single Day

So... here's my thing about holidays...

We just spent the past few days celebrating Easter. On Friday everyone was all "remember the sacrifice" and on Easter everyone was all "He is risen!" Now... those are great things! I'm not saying we shouldn't do those things, say those things, remember those things, celebrate those things. But we should do it for more than a day or a weekend. We should do it every single day.

Each day we should remember the sacrifice and selflessness of Jesus. Each day we should remember that He is risen and celebrate that we have life because of Him.

A few weeks ago when Lent started lots of people were declaring what they would give up until Easter. Everyone starts strong. Very few make it. It gets hard and they give up. And I just can't help thinking "But what if Jesus would have just quit and gave up when it got hard? Isn't that why it is a SACRIFICE?! Because He sacrificed Himself. All of Him. He gave it all up to hang on that cross and I doubt that even one moment of it was easy."

Sacrifice: to surrender or give up for the sake of something else.

And most often what we are asked to sacrifice isn't something that is easy for us to give up. Like me with sugar. So hard! Especially when there is candy everywhere. But I sacrifice. Again and again. And especially when it is really hard. It is in those times where it is really hard that I realize how weak I am and how much I need God's strength. It's in the hard times of sacrifice that my relationship with Jesus becomes so real and I become more refined by His grace and love for me.

Sacrifice. It changes us... if we let it.

Jesus sacrificed His life for mine... for yours. That deserves much more than a day or a weekend! It deserves so much more than a small little attempt at following Jesus. It deserves a life sold out to Him. Every. Single. Day.

What idols stand in your way of following Jesus with everything you've got? What is God asking you to sacrifice today?

Don't forget what He gave up for you just because the holiday is over. Keep living with the cross and the resurrection in mind.

Jesus gave up His life for yours. Are you willing to give yours up and follow Him?

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