Saturday, April 28, 2012

Full Bloom - Conclusion

God wants us to live life in full bloom. We do that by:

Opening Up
Moving Forward 

When we bloom we open up our hearts to others. We expand our world. We have influence and we prosper and flourish. When we bloom we let everyone see all the beauty we possess.

Beauty attracts… and I’m not talking about outward beauty. When we bloom we allow ourselves to be vulnerable. Our strength, our influence, our greatest beauty will come out of those vulnerable moments. Those moments where we open up and let others see our hearts… just like a flower in full bloom lets us see all of its beauty.

 IMG_9050 1

Another example of beauty and how it attracts... think of a peacock. When it has its feathers closed up you might stop for a moment and notice that there is actually a peacock near. But when it opens its feathers it's amazing! It's beautiful and rare. People stop to stare.

IMG_4847 copy

It's time to BLOOM!!

You only have one chance at this life. We don’t know how long we each have. Will you live it as a blooming flower bearing good fruit? Or a closed up bud?

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