Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Living Treasures Animal Park

Yesterday I showed you pictures of the kids riding the camel and the pony while we were at Living Treasures Animal Park. Today I want to share some pictures of some cool animals we get to see when we go there.

We love that we can get close to the flamingos. Can't do that at the zoo.

IMG_3543 copy

We have turkeys in our neighborhood. I had one fly about ten feet over my head the other day. Have you ever seen a turkey fly? It's ridiculous! They're HUGE! And one flying ten feet above me after flying right at me?? I thought I was going to die. But yeah... they are ugly!

IMG_3564 copy

Little baby tortoise that will grow to be about 200 pounds!

IMG_3571 1

White Bengal tiger! LOVE!

IMG_3643 copy

How we do lunch on a cold day. :) We closed the doors and cranked the heat. (By the way... that little picnic table is one of our best purchases! Get one! It folds flat for storage and travel. Awesome! We take it everywhere!)

IMG_3658 1

IMG_3699 copy

There are some strange lookin' ducks out there. I thought this one was pretty cool.

IMG_3737 copy

IMG_3749 copy

Love these strange to us animals!

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