Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Night of Laughter

Last night we were able to attend the Tim Hawkins concert that was hosted at our church. I had seen several of Tim's videos on youtube and he always cracks me up. And when offered the opportunity to go for free?? Couldn't pass that up!!

Mike and I spent a lot of hours at the church yesterday. He worked maintenance for a few hours in the afternoon and during the first show. I helped sell tickets and answered a gazillion random questions... but mostly I just answered "where's the restrooms?" But it was fun! I love helping with stuff like this. I love being around people. And I love being a part of something big. 

When things settled down and the first show got started I ran out and got some Subway for Mike and I. We found a quiet corner and ate dinner. After that we headed back to the main event and helped with the second show. For that one I stood at the door checking tickets. I loved it! Everyone came excited. Everyone was having a great time. And it was busy... right up until the show was about to begin. And that's when I handed in my "event staff" tag and found my seat.

I was ready for some funny... and Tim Hawkins certainly delivered!

I just love laughing! I laughed so much my face started to hurt. It was truly an enjoyable night!

If you like to laugh you should def check out Tim Hawkin's tour dates. I scrolled down the list of places he is going over the next year and saw several areas that people I know are near. It's worth the money! GO!

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100_3810 copy

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Bob Smiley did about a half hour in the middle show...

100_3817 copy

And then it was back to Tim to finish out the night.

100_3824 copy

Seriously guys! HILARIOUS! It's hard to find good, clean humor that is actually really funny these days... don't miss this show if it comes near you!

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