Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Riding Animals

We love going to Living Treasures Animal Kingdom and we got to do that last week. Mike had a surprise nice day off of work and we took advantage of that to do a family outing. We also decided to buy a season pass for Living Treasures so we could go again and again and again. If we go three times we get our money's worth.

Of course, once you are there and paid the entry fee you can go broke with all the extras. Food for the animals, safari ride, camel and pony rides. It adds up quickly so we just always skip those things. But now that the kids have some money we let them decide if they would like to spend it on the extras.

Liza chose to spend $4 on a came ride and Jason spent $2 for a ride on a the pony. They both enjoyed their animal rides and I enjoyed watching them. :)

This camel seriously had the grossest mouth EVER! It makes me want to gag so I just won't look at it.

IMG_3664 copy

IMG_3669 copy

She can't be comfortable up there!

IMG_3670 copy

IMG_3667 copy

Jason is a little more hesitant around animals so the pony was the perfect animal for him to ride.

IMG_3673 copy

IMG_3674 copy

I love this boy soooo much!!

IMG_3676 copy

IMG_3680 copy

The kids enjoyed spending their money on the rides and then again in the gift shop. We had a great day together and we look forward to going again!

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