Friday, April 27, 2012

Saying Yes (Part 2)

Sorry to leave you hanging yesterday with the "to be continued..." :) I had a hard time keeping myself from saying more haha. But it was fun. :) If you missed what I wrote yesterday you may want to start by going back. You can do that by CLICKING HERE.


Mike began work on his book. Each step was a learning process and it was a lot of fun working on this new project with him. But it wasn't always easy.

I had already given Mike my camera money. Our goal was to do it without dipping into our savings... savings for a down payment on a house. I want a house. Like three years ago! I didn't want any setbacks with the savings.

We brainstormed ideas for the book. Mike wrote the words. We worked together to come up with the ideas for the illustrations. And then we decided that the package we had paid for wasn't enough. It only gave us ten illustrations. Each additional illustration would cost $189.

I kind of wanted to cry.

We thought of different ways we might be able to make it work with only the ten illustrations. Or maybe just an additional two or three.

I had gone to spend some time at Panera Bread. It's my place. I can clear my head and think. I was thinking and journaling and decided that we needed to do whatever it took to make the book look great. I was tired of seeing the world do awesome things and then Christians do mediocre things because we don't have the money. This book was God's idea. This book had a message that God wanted Mike to write. I figured if it was God's idea it was going to be done the best way possible and that God would just take care of things.

I went home and I told Mike that I would not stand in the way of this book being amazing. "Use some of our savings if you have to. I can wait another year for the house."

We bought the extra illustrations and progress was being made on the book.

To be continued...

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