Saturday, April 28, 2012

Saying Yes (Part 3)

I had given up my money for my new camera. I had used some of my savings putting off house buying for who knows how much longer. Mike was working constantly on getting the details of his book together.

And then God made me cry. Amazingly happy tears. Because He didn't have me make sacrifice after sacrifice without letting me know how much He loved me.

It happened about two weeks after I had told Mike to use the savings. God's love being shared with the world was more important than me having my house. (I thought laying down the dream of a camera was hard! ha!) I hadn't regretted using the savings or the camera money. I knew it was the right thing. God doesn't always ask us to do what is easy. In fact, most things He asks of us are hard... in our own strength.

But I don't know that there is anything more exciting than living a life following God.

Anyways... back to what happened two weeks later...

Someone told us that they were going to bless us by helping us with a down payment on a house!! They had NO IDEA! the things that we were laying down at home in order to follow God. This person didn't know that I had told Mike "the house can wait. Go write that book and spend as much money on it as necessary."

God is good! God is EXCITING!

I thought I had delayed my dream of owning my own home but through obedience to God I had moved it up to NOW. With the help of this wonderful person and what we had left in savings we will be able to get a house as soon as we find one we like.

To be continued...

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