Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sweet Boy

How did I ever live without the sweetness of my Jason!?

He always wants to snuggle. I call him my snuggy-wuggy-woogie-wuggums. He loves it and often says to me "I want to snuggy-wuggy-woogie-wuggums with you mommy." It's hard to say no. He can get me to stop just about anything with that request.

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This morning he woke up singing a song he made up about how he wanted to snuggle with me. I was in his bed with him in seconds.

 IMG_3799 copy

I always tell Jason that he is my favorite boy. Every once in a while he would tell me that I was his favorite girl... until one day he realized how happy it made me whenever he said that. He now tells me all the time I'm his favorite girl and it is often accompanied by a huge hug and a squeaky noise from Jason. Pretty sure the time he realized how much it made me happy was the time I let out a sigh as he hugged me. I think Jason thought it all went together. Yep... "favorite girl", big hugs and squeaky sighs are now a regular part of our day.

 IMG_3802 copy

And he no longer just tells me that he loves me "69 pickles". It has grown. Jason now loves me "69 80 (turns on the deep voice) ooone. biiiig. hundred. piiiickles!"

He can love me all the pickles he wants!

IMG_3806 copy

I don't think I've ever before been one to wish I could freeze time when it came to my kids. But when I sit here thinking about how someday Jason will be all grown up and have a different favorite girl... that's when I decide I would like to freeze time forever. I want to keep my Jason all to myself. He's just too wonderful.

But I know I can't do that. And so I will start praying today that God will prepare me for that day when it comes... when Jason finds a new favorite girl. I know I'll have to let him go. So I'll teach him to fly and fly well. And someday that girl is going to love me because I talk to Jason about being sweet every day.

ME: Jason! How did you get to be so sweet?
JASON: *shrugs* God just made me this way.
ME: Well don't ever EVER stop being sweet Jason!
JASON: I won't.

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