Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Baby Zander!!

Remember Beth and Alan???

IMG_3109 copy

They had their baby!!

Beth and I do a lot of photography together. She lets me use her house a lot because it just works well. (Much better than mine!) And I have the props and stuff. So I told her I would love some more practice when baby was born and we agreed to do a shoot together even though she's good enough that she doesn't need pictures from me because she can get her own.

I got to photograph Zander when he was only 17 days old. I love babies!

This was my third newborn photo shoot. I was hoping it would go better than the other two. My first one.. baby cried and cried and there was no settling him down. We got a few pics but I wasn't happy with what I got so I went back a few days later and we tried again.

My second newborn shoot didn't go any better. Baby cried and cried and I was wondering what I was doing wrong because the pics I see all over the internet of newborns are of peaceful, sleeping, cute, cuddly babies that make you want to have more babies just to get cute pictures of them like the ones you keep seeing. I later found out that baby number 2 just had colic kick in pretty much on the day of the photo shoot.

So this was my third. Things started out ok. Zander was awake because he just ate and if you do Babywise then you know that babywise babies stay awake after they eat. I was ok with that. We got a few shots with his eyes open.

IMG_5861 copy

 IMG_5857 copy

Eventually Zander peed on my blanket so I had to switch up the backdrop. And then he got sleepy but was having a hard time staying asleep. Just too much going on I guess and I was afraid I was going to have a repeat of the first two newborn sessions I did.

At one point Zander even said "No more pictures Lady!!"

IMG_5865 copy

Just kidding. He was stretching. :)

IMG_5868 copy

Eventually we got Zander zonked out and sleeping like I had hoped to. And once he was out, he was out! And that worked really well for Beth and I!

IMG_5888 1

IMG_5901 1

IMG_5914 copy bw

IMG_5942 copy

And then, since Zander was being so awesome and cute I decided to use him so I could get pictures of my hats that I sell at Wix-Works. He didn't seem to mind. :)

IMG_5930 copy

IMG_5931 copy

IMG_5922 copybw

IMG_5933 copy

IMG_5940 copy

What a cute little model!!!

Hopefully I'll be taking more pictures of the cutie in the future!!

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