Sunday, May 27, 2012

Beautiful View

I have a wonderful friend who every once in a while sends me an email saying something along the lines of "I want to watch your kids so you and Mike can go on a date." Seriously! WONDERFUL!! So last night Karen watched the kids and Mike and I got to go out.

On Mother's Day we ate at Garfield's and they gave me a coupon to come back in the next month to get a free entree. Then we got coupons for a free appetizer because we signed up for their email list. Sooo... Garfield's is where we went last night and got an appetizer and two entrees for only $10.50. Hard deal to beat!

After dinner we headed to Moraine State Park where we found some shade to relax in. This was our view...

100_3873 copy

In the shade with our lovely view Mike and I played Farkel... and I beat him all three games. :)

100_3883 copy

When he got tired of losing we decided to take a nice stroll along the lake. It was just such a beautiful day. It had cooled off to just perfect and I am so glad that we stayed outside for the evening! At one point I decided I wanted to see the sunset and was determined to find a good place to watch it. It's really hard to find a good place to see a sunset in our town and the park was no different. But we drove around and ended up with a spot that I will go back to again.

100_5832 1 copy-001

Of course, as soon as it should have got really gorgeous the clouds got too thick.

Either way it was still a gorgeous night!

IMG_5812 copy

 IMG_5816 copy

I think that next time we might have to take the kids and get a canoe and watch the sun set that way. It just seems like a great way to do it!

 IMG_5815 copy

We had a really great night out! It was wonderful to get to do something a little different than we usually get to do. The sunshine and nice weather has been so refreshing and I am looking forward to many more memories that will be made at Moraine this summer!

IMG_5840 copy

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